The Theatre History & Criticism Program in Theatre offers a broad-based, interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to the study of theatre scholarship and the theatrical arts. Founded over fifty years ago and counting among its graduates some of the most influential theatre scholars in the field, the doctoral degree is a rigorous, four-year program designed to engage the candidate in a highly individualized program of advanced scholarly work in preparation for academic employment at the highest levels. Our newly revised MA degree offers the possibility of a one-year (three-semester) completion schedule, providing a solid academic foundation for advanced scholarly study and professional work. There is also an undergraduate emphasis in Theatre History & Criticism offered through the BFA in Theatre Studies.

While Theatre History & Criticism provides a distinctly personalized approach to theatre scholarship, shaped around each student’s individual interests and talents, its emphasis on interdisciplinarity allows us to pursue a wide range of intellectual pursuits not typically found in most theatre programs, drawing in both analogous and disparate departments from across campus as part of the exploration of the comprehensive nature of theatre scholarship. Ultimately, program’s purpose is to help students become productive and innovative theatre scholars who will shape and define the field throughout their careers.

For more information, please contact Professor Valleri Hohman, Chair of the Theatre History & Criticism Program and Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Theatre, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801. Tel. 217.333.2317 or vhohman@illinois.edu